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Fresh Sausage SeasoningClem's Oregon Trail Fresh Sausage Seasonings

Prepare fresh sausage with Clem's Sausage Seasonings for delicious sandwiches, sausage patties, pizzas, pastas, scrambled eggs, or any dish with sausage or ground meat! Just mix, cook, and serve! Use your quality low-fat meats to produce healthier foods for your family and friends.

Each Sausage seasoning packet, available in the following flavors, is enough for 5 lbs. of ground beef, unseasoned pork, game or fowl. Included are instructions for smaller portions.

Price: $2.00 or Combo Pak 6 for $11.00. Combo Pak consists of one of each flavor.

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The difference between cooked sausage and fresh sausage seasoning: The cooked sausage seasoning contains sodium nitrite. This is a preservative that the allows the finished product to be kept refridgerated for 7 to 10 days. The fresh sausage seasoning contains no preservatives and should be fully cooked within 1 to 2 days or wrapped and frozen to be cooked at a later date.






A mild, delicious blend, flavored with a sage aroma that's sure to wake up any household! Breakfast

High Desert Hot

A sausage that's sure to please those red pepper lovers, but won't burn the taste buds off everyone else. High Desert Hot

Sweet Italian

Spice up your next pasta dish with this blazing Italian sausage seasoning. Sweet Italian

McKenzie River

This totally new sausage flavor is an instant Oregon classic, adding a rustic touch to any meal. Safe for diabetics. McKenzie River


Just Mix, Cook, and Serve!

Step 1:

Mix 1 package of Clem's Oregon Trail Seasoning with 5 lbs. ground meat of your choice. The addition of 1/2 cup cold water will make mixing easier.

Step 2:

Cook and serve. Excess should be wrapped and frozen for later use.